Conditioner Max Select, Gallon

Conditioner Max Select, Gallon 1

Conditioner Max Select, Gallon

U.O.M:  Gallon

Active Ingredients:  Propiertary blend of water conditioner agents and constituent ....100%

This Gallon of Conditioner Max Select contains a blend of water conditioning agents that are specifically designed to minimize the interaction between ions and active ingredients. Conditioner Max Select contains ammonium ions and has been shown to activate glyphosate tank mixes. 

Conditioner Max Select can be used with any opesticide where interaction with ions may occur and/or amonium sulfacte is recommended in the tank mix. Conditioner Max Select should be used where acidifiers and acidic tank mixes are allowed. Conditioner Max Select is especially effective when mixing weak-acid herbicides such as glyphosate and 2-4-D in spray tank. 

EPA Reg. No:  N/R

Manufactured by: Select Source LLC