Cynoff WP with 40% Cypermethrin, 1 lbs

Cynoff WP with 40% Cypermethrin, 1 lbs 1

Cynoff WP with 40% Cypermethrin, 1 lbs

UOM: 1 lbs

Active Ingredient: Cypermethrin....40.0%

Formulated for extended activity on a variety of surfaces, Cynoff WP insecticide is a wettable powder that delivers powerful knockdown and lasting control of cockroaches, spiders and over 20 other pests. With the active ingredient Cypermethrin, Cynoff WP is strong enough to handle clean-out jobs in both residential and commercial non-food-handling areas, even at lower use rates. 

Cynoff WP leaves an effective residual that is picked up by insects and absorbed through the body or ingested. Cynoff WP can be applied indoors as a crack and crevice or spot treatment and outdoors as a residual spray. 

Cynoff WP is effective in the control of ants, biting flies, bees, boxelder bugs, centipedes, roaches, crickets, earwigs, elm leaf beetles, firebrats, fleas, flies, milipedes, mosquitoes, pillbugs, silverfish, sow bugs, spiders, ticks and wasps. 

EPA Reg. No.: 279-3070

Manufactured by: FMC Corporation

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