The 2½-ton M35 multi-purpose truck is one of the most versatile vehicles of the U.S. Army. It is easily transported and capable of carrying anything from cargo, to troops or weapons. Likewise, the ICEHOLE M35 cooler is easily handled by anyone on the go, for any destination. From the game at the football field to the game in the sunflower field, the ICEHOLE M35 is always mission ready.

ICEHOLE coolers are better by design. From the interlocking non-skid feet to latches from the M2 Bradley fighting vehicle, ICEHOLE is designed to buck heat, abuse and convention. The only high-performance coolers proudly 100% Made in the USA, ICEHOLE isn’t just made to be the best, it’s made by the best.  BES-TEX Supply is proud to carry the best cooler in the industry.

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