The M60 main battle tank, aka the “Patton”, has been the go-to combat vehicle since the beginning of the Cold War. This beast is fortified with heavy-duty armor steel and outfitted with a twin-turbo diesel engine, greatly extending its operational range.

We think you will find the same to be true of the ICEHOLE M60. Its mid-sized capacity makes it a top choice for a variety of uses. The ribbed, rotomolded exterior gives it exceptional durability and thick foam insulation keeps your contents colder longer.

ICEHOLE coolers are better by design. From the interlocking non-skid feet to latches from the M2 Bradley fighting vehicle, ICEHOLE is designed to buck heat, abuse and convention. The only high-performance coolers proudly 100% Made in the USA, ICEHOLE isn’t just made to be the best, it’s made by the best.  BES-TEX Supply is proud to carry the best cooler in the industry.

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