Methylated Seed Oil, Quart

Methylated Seed Oil, Quart 1

Methylated Seed Oil, Quart

UOM: Quart

Active Ingredient:  Modified Seed Oil....100%

Monterey MSO is a methylated seed oil that may be used as a spray adjuvant, activator, and penetrant. Monterey MSO may be used on turf and ornamentals to improve the performance of most post emergence herbicide spray mixes. This product may be used as a replacement for nonionic surfactants and crop oil in most post emergence herbicides. Monterey MSO will improve the performance of herbicides when used. 

The addition of Monterey MSO to a spray tank solution will improve its application by physically modifying the deposition and wetting characteristics of the solution. MSO helps to provide more uniform application. 

Manufacturer: Monterey