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Rat Sorb

Rat Sorb

UOM: 1 oz  

Rat Sorb is easy to use and it quickly eliminates odors caused by dead animals, waste, urine, feces and other obnoxious odors created by animals and rodents.  Rat Sorb may be easily used by liberally moistening cotton balls with Rat Sorb and placing them near the source of the odor.  Do not place on areas that could be easily stained. 

When odors are severe, use several cotton balls.  The Cotton balls that have been soaked in Ratsorb can be placed inside walls through electrical switch plates, any utility access or make your own small hole.  Ratsorb may also be diluted with water and sprayed on and into areas like concrete, carpet or wood. They will realease a pleasant odor.  Ratsorb works on many other offensive odors also.

Manufactured by:  Vimar Corporation

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