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Apicide with 5% Carbaryl, 6 lbs

Apicide with 5% Carbaryl, 6 lbs 1

Apicide with 5% Carbaryl, 6 lbs


UOM: 6 lbs

Active Ingredients: Carbaryl....5.0%

Apicide works best where Jet Spray Aerosals fail. Some nests are hidden in a place where Jet Spray Aerosols may not be able to effectively reach.  All you may see are wasps and yellow jackets dissapearing into a crack in the mortar or a hole in the ground. That is when Apicide dust is most beneficial.

A firm squeeze using an applicator like the J.T. Eaton Duster pushes the Apicide powder into the wall void or ground cavity. The Apicide dust then floats and follows the natural opening leading to the nest. As the bees, wasps, or yellow jackets continue to enter and exit the opening they pick up the Apicide dust and carry it deeper into the nest, thus killing off the colony at its source.

Apicide is a relatively safe and easy-to-use product that will not harm bushes, shrubs, flowers, or lawns.

EPA Reg. No.: 36272-14

Manufactured by: Mystic Chemical Products Company

Price: $103.00

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