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Archer IGR with 1.3% Pyriproxifne, 16 oz

Archer IGR with 1.3% Pyriproxifne, 16 oz 1

Archer IGR with 1.3% Pyriproxifne, 16 oz


UOM: 16 oz

Active Ingredents: Pyriproxifen....1.3%

Archer IGR is an Insect Growth Regulator in concentrate form for control of a wide variety of pests like the housefly, fruit fly, blowfly, mosquito, carpenter bee, yellow jacket, paper wasp, honeybee, may fly, silt bug, June bug, hornets, mud dauber, cockroaches, beetles, ants, fleas and ticks.

Archer IGR readily tank mixes with fast-acting, highly effective adulticides such as Demand CS, Demon, and Prelude providing a superior control program. Archer IGR has low impact on the environment. Archer IGR is non-volatile and stable in sunlight. Archer IGR is extremely effective when used in combination with baits. Archer IGR is a non-repellent and is excellent for rotation strategies and resistance management.

EPA Reg. No.: 100-1111

Manufactured by: Syngenta

Price: $87.90

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