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Atrimmec with 18.5% Dikegulac-Sodium, Quart

Atrimmec with 18.5% Dikegulac-Sodium, Quart 1

Atrimmec with 18.5% Dikegulac-Sodium, Quart

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UOM: Quart

Active Ingredients: Dikegulac-Sodium....18.5%

ATrimmec Plant Growth Regulator is a systemic plant growth regulator that works by blocking the plant hormones that stimulate growth. When applied as a foliar spray, it is absorbed by the leaves and translocated to the shoot tips where it interrupts apical dominance and temporarily stops shoot elongation. One trimming and one Atrimmec application can last the entire season on many plants.

Spraying shrubs, hedges, trees and groundcovers with ATrimec Plant Growth Regulator not only reduces trimming and pruning labor by 50% or more, but Atrimmec also improves the appearance of landscape ornamentals. ATrimec Plant Growth Regulator promotes lateral branching giving plants a more dense, fuller look. Hedges and shrubs that show irregular shapes including damage from pests and weather, can fill in lushly, even on the old wood, particularly if treated under optimum growing conditions.

Atrimmec users can trim for a formal shape or a more natural appearance. For a natural look,

ATrimmec enhances the appearance of ornamentals by promoting branching, creating a fuller, more compact shape while reducing trimming and pruning labor by 50% or more; also labeled for chemical 'pinching' of flowering plants.

EPA Reg. No.:  2217-776

Manufactured by: PBI Gordon Corporation

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