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Bug Buster with 0.425% Esfenvalerate, 16 oz

Bug Buster with 0.425% Esfenvalerate, 16 oz 1

Bug Buster with 0.425% Esfenvalerate, 16 oz


UOM:  16 oz

Active Ingredient:  Esfenvalerate....0.425%

Bug Buster RTS provides quick knockdown and residual control and can be used on lawns, vegetables and ornamentals.  Bug Buster controls lawn, ornamental, and outdoor house and garden pests. One application kills beetles (including Japanese Beetle), cicadas, caterpillars (including tomato hornworm), ants, fleas, ticks (including ticks that may carry Lyme disease) and other lawn, garden & nuisance insects for roses, flowers, shrubs, fruits, vegetables.  

Spray Bug Buster on Flowers, Shrubs, Vegetables & Fruits and wet the upper and lower leaf surfaces until dripping. Bug Buster may be sprayed at the rate of 16 ounces per 8,000 sq. ft. on lawns for control. Monterey Bug Buster may be used in a spray tank and mixed according to product label and sprayed onto target area with a pump sprayer. 

EPA Reg. No.:  1021-1778-54705

Manufactured by: Monterey



Price: $21.30

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