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Catchmaster Glue Boards, Peanut Butter, 72 count

Catchmaster Glue Boards, Peanut Butter, 72 count 1

Catchmaster Glue Boards, Peanut Butter, 72 count


UOM: 72 count

These Peaunut Butter scented CatchMaster Glue Boards are a safe and non-toxic insect and rodent glue trap that contains no poisons, rodenticides or pesticides. It is produced with special adhesives that are non-toxic to people or pets. The glue in these glue boards does not harden, nor is it subject to loss of ability when exposed to heat.

Should a pet or child get "stuck" to this glue trap, any vegetable oil or most aerosol lubricants will free the pet or child without pain from the Catchmaster Glue Board. These Catchmaster Glue Board traps are also great for monitoring spider and other insect activity and one of the primary controls for the Brown Recluse Spider.

The CatchMaster Glue Board is an ideal product for many locations. Glue Board Traps are designed to safely monitor and control house flies, gnats, fruit flies, and spiders as well as rats, mice and other rodents.

CatchMaster Glue Boards in Chocolate and Cherry flavors are also available in 72 count boxes at a cost of $39.80 each. Call for more information.

Manufactured by: Catchmaster Inc.

Price: $38.90

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