Emulsion Tree Wound Dressing, 16 oz

Emulsion Tree Wound Dressing, 16 oz 1

Emulsion Tree Wound Dressing, 16 oz

UOM: 16 oz 

TreeKote Emulsion Tree Wound Dressing is an effective sealant that easily applies with an included brush. This dressing was formulated to aid the healing of pruning cuts, grafts, nicks, cuts and wounds on woody plants and trees. The dressing provides a protective coating against moisture, excessive sap flow and insects. This product is water-soluble while wet and waterproof after it is allowed to dry. It is also acid and alkali resistant. 

This is an asphalt-based emulsion that is formulated to not only protect, but also give a neat and finished appearance while protecting exposed areas. 

Manufactured by:  Walter E. Clark & Son