Flytrap Reflector FTR-15 Watt, 1 count

Flytrap Reflector FTR-15 Watt, 1 count 1

Flytrap Reflector FTR-15 Watt, 1 count

UOM: 1 count

The Flytrap Reflector FTR-15 provides fly control in a discreet manner and is designed to be an attractive table-top lamp. Flytrap Reflector is a perfect answer for public and domestic environments that need an attractive flying insect control unit. They are simple and easy to use, stylish and maintaince is minimal and inexpensive. This system is stand alone, silent and discreet insect control.

These units also feature the ability for easy, quick and safe replacement of both the bulb and hidden glue boards. The 15 Watt Stinger bulb should last between 9 and 12 months and the glue boards should be replaced at 4 week intervals. The unit provides efficient and inexpensive fly control with little intrusion.

Manufactured by:  Univar

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