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FlyWeb Plug-in-Light Trap 9-Watt, 1 count

FlyWeb Plug-in-Light Trap 9-Watt, 1 count 1

FlyWeb Plug-in-Light Trap 9-Watt, 1 count


FlyWeb Plug-in-Light Trap 9-Watt

UOM: 1 count

The FlyWeb insect light is for indoor use in both residential and commercial buildings, is compact, and plugs directly into a room electrical outlet. The FlyWeb Trap uses an inexpensive and economical 9-watt Ultra Violet fly attracting bulb and an all-natural adhesive trapping board. The board will hold between 50 and 100 flies. When trap is full, replacement is easy.

The FlyWeb insect light will attract and trap house flies, fruit flies, cluster flies, face flies, phorid flies, bottle flies, drain flies, mosquitoes, fungus gnats, moth flies, moths, Asian beetles, yellow jackets and many other flying insects. The FlyWeb works 24/7 to provide a fly-free environment.

Manufactured by: Gardner Mfg. Co.

Price: $52.20