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Gentrol IGR Concentrate with (S)-Hydrprene, 16 oz

Gentrol IGR Concentrate with (S)-Hydrprene, 16 oz 1

Gentrol IGR Concentrate with (S)-Hydrprene, 16 oz


UOM: 16 oz

Active Ingredient: (S)-Hydroprene....9.0%

Gentrol IGR is an Insect Growth Regulator that disrupts the maturity of targeted insects including cockroaches and many stored product pests. These effected insects will not reach reproduction maturity.

Gentrol IGR is a concentrate intended for use in residental homes, boiler rooms, cafeterias, grocery stores, day care centers, hospitals, office buildings, laboratories, manufacturing plants, meat and produce canneries, nursing homes, restaurants, schools, warehouses and transportation vehicles. Gentrol IGR eaisly mixes with water to become a general service spray, spot, crack and crevice treatment and fogging. May also be applied with a brush or roller. Gentrol IGR may be used alone or tank mixed with other approved pesticides.


EPA Reg. No. 2724-351

Manufactured by: Zoecon

Price: $137.00

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