Hi-Light Red, Quart

Hi-Light Red, Quart 1

Hi-Light Red, Quart

UOM: Quart

Hi-Light Red is industrial-strength spray indicator is the professional's way to assure accurate, effective, and economical application of liquid pesticides. You can use Hi-Light for every industrial area (i.e., utilities, weed districts, highways, etc.).

This Hi-Light Red Dye is used to assist spraying efficiency and determine sprayed and not sprayed locations. Hi-Light is a great assistance and cost saver when spraying herbicides like Remedy, Tordon 22K, Grazon P+D.

Hi-Light is also used to mark areas and determine equal application in areas of golf courses, parks and recreational areas, utility marking, right of ways, airports, plant sites, forestry and many more applications.

The bright color of Hi-Light shows you exactly what area has been treated. Hi-Light helps you see the intensity of application, confirm spray patterns, avoid skips and overlaps, and detect drift. Hi-Light dye saves you time and money because applicators need to make only one pass with less chemical waste and less chance of costly mistakes.

Rates of mixture are:  1/4 to 1/2 ounce per gallon of fluid.

Manufactured by:
Becker Underwood, Inc.