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Milestone Specialty Herbicide with 40.6% Aminopyralid, Quart

Milestone Specialty Herbicide with 40.6% Aminopyralid, Quart 1

Milestone Specialty Herbicide with 40.6% Aminopyralid, Quart


UOM: Quart

Active Ingredients: Aminopyralid....40.6 %

Milestone Specialty Herbicide provides superior control of many noxious and invasive weed species, including biennial and perennial thistles, knapweeds and yellow star thistle.  Milestone Herbicide was designed for rangeland and pasture use.  It is an excellent postemergence and season-long residual control.

Milestone Herbidicide effectively controls weeds at multiple growth stages, but it is safe to desirable grasses.  Milestone Herbicide is an ideal foundation herbicide and excellent tank-mix partner with brush control products, such as PastureGard or Remedy herbicides.  There are no grazing restrictions for any type of livestock or wildlife, including lactating dairy animals, beef cattle, sheep, goats and horses when using Milestone Herbicide.  

When applied to emerged weeds both large and small, Milestone Herbicide translocates into foliage and moves quickly throughout the entire plant, going deep into the root system. Translocation kills the entire plant, including the root, not just the top growth. Plus, Milestone Herbicide provides soil residual activity to control later-emerging broadleaf weeds all season long.


EPA REG No.  62719-519

Manufacured by:  Dow AgroSciences

Price: $148.20