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Osmocote Pro 19-5-9, 50 lbs

Osmocote Pro 19-5-9, 50 lbs 1

Osmocote Pro 19-5-9, 50 lbs

1959 OSM

Osmocote Pro 19-5-9

UOM: 50 lbs

Osmocote Pro 19-5-9 not only feeds but also provides major, minor and secondary elements that provide plants with all the important nutrients. Osmocote Pro 19-5-9 is designed for flowering crops, perennials and woody ornamentals in landscaped areas. Applications may either be topdressed or incorporated into the soil. A proper application provides a full season feeding for your foliage and nursery stock. Osmocote Pro 19-5-9 is formulated to remain in the pot when topdressed and provide feeding for as long as 14 months. Long term feeding is: 8-9 months or 12-14 at 70 degrees F average temperature.

Osmocote Pro 19-5-9 is efficient and economical allowing less work and use of chemicals. Osmocote Pro provides 3 sources of nitrogen, ammonium, nitrate and urea and a trace element package. Osmocote Pro 19-5-9 will assist in media pH regulation in areas having waters with high alkalinity.

Manufactured by: Scotts

Price: $123.70