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OXO Angled Measuring Cup, 2 oz

OXO Angled Measuring Cup, 2 oz 1

OXO Angled Measuring Cup, 2 oz

oxo 2 oz

UOM: 2 Ounces


The OXO two ounce angled measuring cup allows you to read the measurement from above as you pour your products into them. This allows for easier measuring, more accurate without looking at eye-level or bending down to estimate the level. This measuring cup allows for more accurate measuring without any guesswork from parallax deflection. This is a smart choice for any mixing task. 

The measurement levels sit at an angle that makes them easy to read as you look down into the cup. These cups may also be read from the side as would any standard measuring cup. These cups come with a soft cushioned handle.

Manufactured by:  OXO Corporation

Price: $6.20