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Powder Mill Dust Applicator, 1 Applicator

Powder Mill Dust Applicator, 1 Applicator 1

Powder Mill Dust Applicator, 1 Applicator


UOM: 1 Applicator

The Powder Mill Dust Applicator is lightweight, compact, effective, dependable and easy to hold. The Powder Mill Dust Applicator is powerful and efficient enough to dust your entire garden, shrubs, small fruit trees, poultry houses, pet kennels and cattle barns. The Powder Mill is manufactured from a non-corrosive plastic material and handles even the finest of dust. Dustin-Mizer is perfect for dusts materials like Diatomaceous Earth, Rotenone, Rotenone-pyrethrin, Sulfur, Lime, Copper and Sevin. The Powder Mill Duster produces an enveloping, even and gentle cloud of dust to engulf the targeted area. 

Features large blower wheel and four air induction louvers for generating a powerful flow of air. Made of tough polyprolene and polyethylene. Extra large hopper, approximately 1 1/2 lbs. Balanced to minimize hand and wrist fatigue. 

Manufactured by:  PlantMates Inc.

Price: $53.80