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Precor IGR with 1.2% Methoprene, 10 x 1 oz

Precor IGR with 1.2% Methoprene, 10 x 1 oz 1

Precor IGR with 1.2% Methoprene, 10 x 1 oz

PREC 10x1

UOM: 10 X 1 oz

Active Ingredient:  Methoprene....1.2%

Each of these 1 oz. bottles was formulated to mix in one gallon of water and provides a fresh mixture of solution of Precor Insect Growth Regulator (IGR).  

Precor IGR Concentrate with Methoprene is an odorless Insect Growth Regulator concentrate that halts the maturity of fleas and lice that allows them to reproduce and breaks their life cycle. Used alone, Precor will prevent indoor flea infestations for three months or more. Precor may be mixed with other pesticides labeled for indoor flea control. 

Precor IGR can be sprayed onto baseboards, furniture, carpet, tile and other flooring, and is "water safe" for most fabrics. Apply at the rate of one gallon of mixture per 1500 sq.e ft. of area with a low pressure sprayer set on fan spray. Treat all flea harboring areas, including carpets, furniture, pet sleeping areas, pet bedding and throw rugs. 


EPA Reg. No.: 2724-352

Manufactured by: Zoecon

Price: $53.00