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Prelude with 25.6% Permethrin, Quart

Prelude with 25.6% Permethrin, Quart 1

Prelude with 25.6% Permethrin, Quart


UOM: Quart

Active Ingredient: Permethrin....25.6%

Prelude Termiticide/Insecicide is effective, residual control of a Permethrin insecticide with an improved formulation, expanded use labeling including termites and fleas and easier handling. It is a proven advanced generation Pryrethroid with an improved formulation, a broad use label and a 5-year termite control guarantee. Prelude Termiticide/Insecicide can be used as a contact with residual and no odor or staining.

Prelude Insecticide/Termiticide is an effective, long lasting control for ants, ant mounds, aphids, army worms, bees, bag worms, bark beetles, beetles, borers, box elders, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, chinch bugs, elm leaf beetles, fire ants, fleas, ground beetles, gysey moths, ips beetles, leaf miners, Japanese Beetles, leaf feeding catapillars, leaf hoppers, mole crickets, mosquitoes, thrips, ticks, scorpions, spiders, termites, wasps, crickets, root weevils, white flies, roaches and many other pests.

The active ingredient, Permethrin, has a proven record in pest control. Prelude Termiticide/Insecicide with Permethrin acts in a two fold manner to both kill termites and other insect pests on site and also create a protective barrier.


EPA Reg. No.: 100-997

Manufactured by: Syngenta

Price: $61.00

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