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Protecta LP Rat Stations, 1 count

Protecta LP Rat Stations, 1 count 1

Protecta LP Rat Stations, 1 count


UOM: 1 count

Protecta LP Rat Stations are ideal, tamper-resistant rodent bait stations to assist in the control of unwanted pests through safe baiting. The Protecta LP Rat Stations keep the bait restricted from children, livestock and pets. The Protecta LP Rat Stations are also an aid to maintaining the freshness and attractive allure of the bait. When the Protecta LP Rat Station is loaded with a quality rodent bait, it is a great tool in the control and reduction of rat populations. 

The  Protecta LP Rat Stations may also be used to monitor rodent activity and determine rodent levels of activity. The Protecta LP Rat Stations lock and unlock with the Protecta LP Two Prong Key that is sold seperately. Baits are also sold seperately.

Manufactured by:  Bell Laboratories, Inc.

Price: $18.80