Tee-Time Select

Tee-Time Select 1

Tee-Time Select

Tee-Time Select

UOM:  Quart

Active Ingredients:  

Tee-Time Select may be added to pesticide spray applications to enhance the green appearance of turf.  Promotes uniform application of pesticide sprays by leaving a visualindication of spray patterns event missed spots where no pesticide control has been applied.

Tee-Time Select will color any surface with which it comes in contact. Cover all surfaces near the area being sprayed that must remain color-free.  Tee-Time Is a long term pigment solution that will provide a natural green color for
extended periods

Color intensity can be adjusted by adding more or less Tee-Time Select to pesticide spray solutions. 

EPA Reg. No:  N/R

Manufactured by:  Select Source LLC