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Terra-Sorb Medium Grade Hydrogel, 1 lbs

Terra-Sorb Medium Grade Hydrogel, 1 lbs 1

Terra-Sorb Medium Grade Hydrogel, 1 lbs

terr sorb 1

UOM: 1 lbs

Active Ingredient: Potassium Polyacrylamide/Acrylate Copolyme....93%

Plant Health Care Terra-Sorb hydrogel is a water absorbing crystal that may be used as a soil amendment. Plant Health Care Terra-Sorb Hydrogel is a soil amendment that will assist in keeping important nutrients from leaching from the soil and does this over a long period of time. PHC Terra-Sorb Hydrogel is great to use on moisture loving plants. PHC Terra-Sorb may be used in vegetable gardens, hanging baskets and window boxes. PHC Terra-Sorb Hydrogel helps to increase growth rate and decrease the need to water. It is formulated to last several years under normal gardening conditions.

Plant Health Care Terra-sorb hydrogel is a potassium acrylamide copolymer gel in granular form and absorbs many times its weight in water and slowly releases the water for use by plant roots. Plant Health Care Terra-sorb Hydrogel may be used for all potted plants. PHC Terra-sorb Hrdrogel is safe, non-toxic and PH neutral.

Manufactured by:  Plant Health Care, Inc.

Price: $7.40