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Trapper 24/7, 1 count

Trapper 24/7, 1 count 1

Trapper 24/7, 1 count

TRAP 24 7

UOM: 1 count

The Trapper 24/7 Mouse and Insect Catch Trap is new technology and presents a multiple-catch mousetraps, combining superior function with sleek, modern style. It is ideal for capturing and/or monitoring both mice and insects. TRAPPER 24/7 is now made with extra strong, impact-resistant plastic that can withstand many everyday collisions that leave other units dented or non-functional. Its new trapping mechanism also significantly improves captures for unsurpassed performance.

TRAPPER 24/7 is easy to use. Its tinted, horizontal sliding lid gives greater control during servicing and lets you view inside the trap from the top and side. With TRAPPER 24/7, there's no winding, no rust, and no sharp edges, making it as close to maintenance free as any pest control device can get. Rounded interior walls also make cleaning a breeze.

This versatile trap, besides capturing mice, is a highly effective insect monitoring device when used with a TRAPPER LTD Glue Board. Ventilation holes along the base make ideal entry points for insects and virtually eliminate condensation build-up. TRAPPER 24/7's attractive design has a non-industrial look. With its low profile to fit in tight spaces, it blends well in manufacturing, warehouse and office environments.

Manufactured by:  Bell Laboratories, Inc.

Price: $14.40