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Zenprox EC with 16.2% Etofenprox, 16 oz

Zenprox EC with 16.2% Etofenprox, 16 oz 1

Zenprox EC with 16.2% Etofenprox, 16 oz


UOM:  16 oz 

Active Ingredient:  Etofenprox....16.2%

Zenprox EC is a new product from Zoecon to target fleas, bed bugs, cockroaches, ants and many other pests. The active ingredient, Etofenprox, is non-repellent formulation that kills on contact. Zenprox EC controls over 25 different insects and controls fleas up to one month.  

Zenprox EC maybe used as an indoor broadcast application in homes, offices, warehouses and many other locations. It may be tank mixed with most Insect Growth Regulators to eliminate insect populations and reduce reinfestations. 

Zenprox EC maybe used in homes, apartments, schools, medical facilities, offices, industrial operations, storage facilities, buses, trains and any non-food/non-feed handling establishment

EPA Reg. No.: 2724-804

Manufactured by:  Zoecon

Price: $74.90