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Best Management Practices:


Rats create problems with the possibility of spreading disease, filth, fire danger from gnawing electrical wires, odors and just being a nuisance,fire danger from gnawing electrical wires.    They often burrow to make nests under buildings and other structures even beneath concrete slabs.  Rats prefer to travel along a wall, which is assistance in bait locations.
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for rats would include an inspection that should delineate the amount of activity by observing droppings, tracks, chew marks, burrowing, pathways, urine stains and live or dead rats.  This is a great assistance in determining placement of rat baits, type of bait to be used and traps.  In IPM, sanitation is to help remove their food supply and breeding areas.  

When selecting a rat control, consider children, pets and the possible danger to non-target animals.  The Victor Trap Rat, Trapper Rat Glue Board and the Trapper T-Rex are practical and effective. The Trapper Rat Glue Board  is a non-poisonous trap that captures rats, mice and reptiles. 

Rat baits come in a variety of choices and modes for use, e.g. multiple feedings, one feeding kill, and bait packs, All Weather Blocks.  Fastrac All-Weather Blox , Contrac All-Weather Blox , and Final All Weather Blox or the Ready to Use T1 Rat Bait Station are excellent choices. In homes and areas where children and pets are present, it is highly recommended to use a tamper resistant and lockable rodent bait station like the  Aegis Rat Station or Protecta LP Rat Stations. Making several placements are key to success. Rats will consume bait pellets but most often prefer the bait blocks.  The blocks also retain freshness over a longer period.  Depending on the infestation, baits are normally placed approximately 12 to 15 feet apart. If rodent and rat odors become a problem and require action, excellent products are Odor Remover Bag and  Rat Sorb

As with any pest control product, follow the product label, wear proper protective clothing, gloves, and use according to the labeled requirements.

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