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I Have Ants

How do I kill Ants in San Angelo, Texas.  First, proper identification is the key. Are they flying ants or ants in the house?  The most common ants in San Angelo and the surrounding area are Fire Ants, Harvester Ants “Red Ants”, “Field Ants”, Black Ants and Carpenter Ants. BES-TEX Supply, stocks a full line of professional grade insecticides in many formulations of Aerosol, Bait, Concentrate, Dust and Granular.

Aerosol insecticides require no mixing and maybe used indoors or outdoors.  Aerosols are safe, convenient, effective, ready to use and easy to store.  Aerosols may also be used to treat wall voids, bathrooms, kitchens, as well as cracks and crevices.  BES-TEX's top selling Aerosols are PT Phantom II, Alpine, CB-80, CY Kick and Invaderplus many more.

Dusts insecticides are normally used for individual mound treatments, wall voids or electrical outlets. Our top selling dusts are Delta Dust, Cynoff Dust, EcoVia, Surrender Fire Ant Killer, Tempo Dust and Diatomaceous Earth. These are some of the dusts available at BES-TEX Supply.  

Granular insecticides may be broadcast over small or large areas.  Granular insecticides should be "watered in" to release the active ingredient into the soil.  Granulars provide a wide range of ant control, is cost effective, easy to apply and provide residual control.  Talstar Xtra, Delta Guard, Demand G and Kill-A Bug II have been our customers' most popular Granular products.

Bait insecticides are formulated in two groups: Granular or Gel with an attractant and insecticide designed for specific feeding ants.  Granular Baits may be dispersed over a large area - an acre or more. Granular Baits are the most cost effective way to control ants. Granular insecticide bait is a dry bait and not to be “watered in.”  Some Granular Baits are Max Force Complete, Advance 375A and Extinguish Plus. Gel Baits are Max Force FC Ant Killer, Optigard, Intice, Gourmet and Max Force Ant Bait Stations

Concentrate insecticides are very effective as well as cost efficient to control ants.  When used in accordance with the Product Label, they may be used both indoors and outdoors. BES-TEX has all your Application Equipment to insure proper rate.  Effective Concentrate insecticides to control ants are Phantom, Suspend SC, Demand CS, Talstar and Taurus SC.

All Insecticides must be used in accordance with the Manufacturers Product Label. In addition, detailed information may be obtained in our Best Management Practices (BMPs) section designed for specific ant populations under Fire Ants, Harvester Ants, Carpenter Ants, and Black Ants.