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Professional Pest Control Operators

There are many Professional Pest Controllers in San Angelo and the surrounding area. If you need help with pests in your home or lawn, here is an alphabetical list of pros who trade with us.


Services Provided: (corresponding letter is listed under each landscaper)

G – General Pest Control

T – Termite Inspection & Treatment

W – Weed and Ornamental

R – Rodents


San Angelo


A-Action Pest Control

Contact: Joe Hollingshead

Phone: 325-650-5865

Email: aactionpest1@gmail.com

G, T


A-Ban Exterminators

Contact: Kevin Byrd

Phone: 325-944-4031

Website: https://abanonbugs.com

G, T, R


Affordable Pest Control

Contact: Harvey Hinojos

Phone: 325-650-8563

Email: harveyhinojos354@yahoo.com

G, T, R


Bug Experts

Contact: Benny Salinas

Phone: 325-212-6257

Email: thebugexperts@gmail.com

G, T, R, W


Best in the West Inspections

Contact: Steven Wilha

Phone: 325-450-6114

Email: steven@bestinthewest.net

Website: https://bestinthewest.net

G, T, W


Bug Express

Contact: Bridget Carr

Phone: 325-784-0499

Email: info@bugexpress.com

Website: http://www.bugexpress.com

G, T, R, W


The Bug Guys

Contact: Vern Gant/Don Kenndey

Phone: 325-763-2755

Email: don@pestcontrolsanangelo.com

Website: https://pestcontrolsanangelo.com

G, T


Hi-Tech Pest Control

Contact: Ervin Hejl

Phone: 325-658-7378

Email: support@hitechpestdefense.com

Website: https://tubesinwall.com

G, T


MDK Services, LLC

Contact: Mitchell Kirby

Phone: 325-658-3498

Email: michelle@mdkpest.com

Website: https://mdkpest.com

G, T, R


PestMaster Services

Contact: John Noles

Phone: 833-830-7378

Website: https://www.pestmaster.com/san-angelo

G, R


Pioneer Termite & Pest Control Inc.

Contact: Lawson Dunagan

Phone: 325-655-3784

Email: info@pioneertpc.com

Website: http://www.pioneertpc.com

G, T, R, W


Rex Pest Control

Contact: Rex Davis

Phone: 325-942-6748

Website: https://rex-pest-control.business.site

G, T, R


Outside San Angelo


Sayles Pest Control (Brady)

Contact: Eddie Sayles

Phone: 325-456-9202

Email: saylespest@yahoo.com

G, T, R


Maverick Pest Control (Blackwell)

Contact: Rick Stanford

Phone: 325-338-7910

Email: bollweevel@hotmail.com

G, T, R


If you are a Professional Pest Controller and would like to have your contact information listed on this page, please email us at brandon@BES-TEX.com or call us at 325.653.1300.