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I Have Bores in my Trees.

How to get rid of Bores in San Angelo. Bores create tremendous damage to trees especially when they have been weakened by drought, damage or insects. Bores may be treated by a Contact Residual Insecticide or a Systemic Drench Insecticide. BES-TEX Supply provides both methods in a professional grade insecticide. We also have Application Equipment.

Contact Insecticides are used as a topical surface and preventative treatment in controlling Bores. When bores are active and visibly attempting to penetrate the tree, and when early Frass is observed on the exterior, they may be treated with products like Lorsban, Sevin SL, Sevin, Malathion and Prelude

Residual Systemic Drench Treatments can be accomplished by using one of the following products:  Acecap, Dominion 2L, ImidiPro Granules, Merit Granules, Once a Year, or Tree and Shrub. Each product comes with complete directions for application. Methods of treatment range from injection to drenching to an application of the proper granular. 

Insecticides must be used in accordance with the Manufacturer’s Product Label. In addition, detailed information may be obtained in our Best Management Practices (BMPs) Section designed for Bores.