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Aegis Rat Station, 1 count

Aegis Rat Station, 1 count 1

Aegis Rat Station, 1 count


UOM: 1 count

Aegis Rat Stations are tamper resistant and easy to use. The rat bait is placed in the Aegis Rat Station feeding chamber and the lid is fastened. The double locking barbs make the stations tamper resistant. The Aegis Rat Stations come with an anchoring slot that allows the station to be attached to walls, posts, or any permanent structure.

The Aegis Rat Station has a clear lid that allows quick and easy bait monitoring. No special tools required to operate the Aegis Rat Stations as a universal key opens the station. The special bait tray allows for quick and easy clean out. These units may be used indoors and out of doors. This bait station accommodates most rat bait rodenticides and is a very effective tool when coupled with a quality rat bait.  Rat baits sold seperately. 

Manufactured by:  Liphatech

Price: $15.30