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Power Pellet Herbicide with 75% Hexazinone, 3 oz

Power Pellet Herbicide with 75% Hexazinone, 3 oz 1

Power Pellet Herbicide with 75% Hexazinone, 3 oz


UOM: 3 oz

Active Ingredients: Hexazinone 3-cyclohexyl-6-(dimethylamino)

Power Pellet Herbicide is an easy and effective way to control trees and brush on rangeland, pastures, and non-cropland. There is little to no regrowth and very little damage to herbaceous vegetation. Also, there is no special applicator license require.

Apply prior to or during periods of active growth. Early spring to early Summer. Rainfall carries the chemical down into the root zone where it is absorbed by the plant's root system. Results will appear 3-6 weeks after 1/4" to 1/2" of rain.  Do not mow or cut treated plants until they have completely defoliated at least once, or in the case of cedar, have turned completely brown.

Power Pellets are formulated for Control Of Alder, Huisache, Red Maple, Ash, Juniper Small, Soapweed (Yucca Aspen Locust Glacua), Balsam Poplar, Lot ebush, Snowbrush, Birch, Manzanita, Sourwood, Black Cherry, Mesquite, Sumac, Blackgum, Mulberry, Sweetbay, Catclaw Acacia, Multiflora Rose, Sweetgum, Deerbrush, Myrtle, Tallow, Dogwood, Oaks (except Live Oaks), Wild Cherry, Elm, Wild Plum, Hackberry, Osage orange, Whitebrush, Hawthorn, Persimmon, Whitethorn, Hazel, Privet, Willow,Hickory, Red Cedar, Yellow Poplar

The 3 ounce container provides approximately 130 pellets. 

EPA Reg. No.: 33560-41

Manufactured by: Pro Serve, Inc.

Price: $29.40