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Provoke Mouse Attractant, 2 oz

Provoke Mouse Attractant, 2 oz 1

Provoke Mouse Attractant, 2 oz


UOM: 2 oz 

Provoke Mouse Attractant is new product developed by Bell Laboratories.  Provoke Mouse Attractant may be used to entice mice to mouse traps and glue boards instead of peanut butter or other baits.

Provoke is proving to be an excellent attractant and aid in the control of mice. It will increase the effectiveness of any baited trap by simply placing a small portion onto the trap.  Provoke Mouse Attractant can be used with any type mechanical, wood, plastic, live catch or glue trap.  Provoke is irresistible to mice, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and non-staining. 

Manufactured by:  Bell Laboratories


Price: $8.50

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