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Best Management Practices:


Centipedes come indoors to feed on other insects.  Centipedes frequent moist habitats like rotting wood, compost piles, mulch, woods chips and leaves.  Usually, centipedes occur in small numbers and, in spite of their fearful appearance, are considered harmless to humans. Most Centipedes in the United States do not bite humans, but a few tropical species will bite, inflicting painful wounds.

Treatment of the peat moss, mulch, wood chips, leaves, etc., used in landscaping around the house, is important in controlling Centipedes. Subsequent water sprinkling will carry the insecticide down into the soil where Centipedes hide. Indoors and outdoors may be properly treated by the use of insecticide concentrates, aerosols or dusts.

Recommended insecticide concentrates for Centipedes are Demand CS, Demon MaxSuspend SC or Talstar Pro. These products may be mixed in a Chapin Pro Sprayer XP  and applied indoors or outdoors for control.  Concentrates provide an affordable option per extended application with long term residual.

Recommended Aerosols for centipedes are 565 Plus XLO, CB Invader HPX, CB D - ForceCY Kick or Phantom.   Aerosols provide the convenience of being ready to use without any mixing. 

Recommended dusts for centipede control are Delta Dust and Tempo 1% Dust.  The dusts may be applied using a JT Eaton 530 Duster.

Pest control products should be used in accordance with product labeled instructions and at proper application rates.

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