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Best Management Practices


Crickets are in the same Orthoptera Family with grasshoppers, locust and katydids.  Crickets along with cockroaches and ants are the most common home invading pest.  Crickets mature in late summer, lay eggs and in most areas, die from old age or cold temperatures. 
An application of a quality professional insecticide barrier outdoors around windows, doors, vents, weep holes, plumbing, electrical entry points and other possible entry points will greatly reduce the problem.  Applying a perimeter band around the structure, three feet high and to the ground (on exterior walls) as well as a five to ten foot wide area on the ground creates a barrier that will not only kills active crickets and other insects but also prevents outdoor bugs from becoming indoor pests.  

Quality insecticides that provide a residual to be used indoors or as a peremiter spray are  Demand CSDemon Max Suspend SC , and Talstar P.  When these products are used in accordance with the product label they are safe, effective and easy to use. 

Other options include the convenience of an aerosol like CB D - Force HPXCY Kick or Alpine Pressureized Spray.  These aerosols provide ease of operation plus an effective residual.  Baits are one other effective option and two effective quality baits are Intice Granular Bait, and MaxForce Complete Insect Bait.

Dusts are another option for difficult to reach and low traffic areas like the attic, wall voids, and crawl spaces.  Excellent dusts for cricket control are Delta Dust or Tempo 1% Dust and are efficiently applied with the JT Eaton 530 Duster

Yard areas may also treated by spreading a granular in the same manner as applying a fertilizer when using insecticide granulars like DeltaGard G Granular, Demand G Granular or Talstar Xtra Granular

As with all pest control products, follow product label directions, safety procedures and wear proper safety equipment.

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