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Drain Flies

Best Management Practices:


Drain Flies

Drain flies are a nuisance in both homes and commercial areas.  Drain flies are associated with sink and bathroom drains, potted plants, mulch, moist areas and open sewage pits and "muck" build-ups.  Drain flies are most active during evening hours. 

An easy way to check your drains for Drain Flies is to use "The Duct Tape Test." Place a piece of tape across the center of each drain with the sticky side down.  Do not completely cover the drain with the tape.  Leave the strips of tape in place over night and preferably a couple of days. If you find flies stuck to the tape, you now know that particular drain does have flies. 

If the “tape test” did not indicate the drain flies are coming from the drain you will be required to look for other possible breeding areas. Locating materials that allow these pests to breed is not an easy task.  Clean dirty garbage containers, wet lint under the washing machine, and even standing water in containers under houseplant pots. Outside the home, inspect air conditioners, birdbaths, shallow stagnant pools of water and sewage treatment facilities upwind as adult flies will travel with the wind.

If you confirm that drain lines are the source of your problems, you may use a product like   Bac-A -Zap,  Hot Shot  and Drain gel to assist in cleaning the drainpipes and traps. The use of either Gentrol IGR , NyGuard IGR or Gentrol IGR Aerosol (insect Growth Regulators should halt the ability of insects to reach maturity and breed.   

Pyrethoids like Tempo SC Ultra, Demand CS, Suspend SC  or Permethrins such as ExciteR Insecticide or Prelude will perform well to control drain flies. These are adulticides and their effectiveness is increased with the tank mixed addition of an IGR. 

An aerosol flying insect spray like CB-80 or Prescription Treatment P.I. provides temporary relief.  Another effective option is the metered sprays that are dispensed from aerosol cans like the Clean Air Purge I or Clean Air Purge III when coupled with the TimeMist Automatic Metered Aerosol Dispenser are quiet effective.

Fly Traps that use UV and pheromones glues will greatly decrease numbers of flies.  Plasma One and Vector Plasma Two Fly Traps are used for this purpose in restaurant kitchens.  These traps are excellent for home flying insect control. These traps are all non-invasive and use a pleasant and enhancing Ultra Violet light to attract the pest to a concealed non-odorous pheromone impregnated glue board. 

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