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Hop or Bur-Clover

Best Management Practices:

Hop or Bur-Clover

Bur and Hop Clover are cool season, annual broadleaf weeds that have round stems with leaves made up of three leaflets.  These leaflets are somewhat oval or egg-shaped and the tops of the leaves are normally rounded with a very small indention in the middle.  The flowers of hop and bur clover are numerous and yellow in color.  Being a cool season, annual plant means that it only comes back from seed each year, usually germinating in the fall season and possibly into the winter. 

Pre-emergent herbicides work by killing germinating seeds from weedy plants like bur or hop clover.  Normally, an application of a pre-emergent in mid-September will work well.  Remember, though, that this weed may germinate into the winter—so, a second pre-emergent application in November may be warranted.

There are several pre-emergent herbicides that can be used to control bur or hop clover in most turfgrass sites including bermudagrass, St. Augustinegrass, zoysiagrass, and buffalograss.  Examples include:  XL- 2G (Benefin plus Oryzalin), Pendulum 2G or Anderson 11-3-11 (Pendimethalin) and Balan 2.5 G . 

If you have bur or hop clover that escapes the pre-emergent or you do not apply a pre-emergent, you may need to apply a post-emergent herbicide.  These herbicides can be effective if used when these winter clovers are very young/immature and actively growing.  Do not wait until late winter when these annual broadleaf weeds are flowering and mature.   Examples of effective post-emergent herbicides include:  Speedzone Southern, Weed Free Zone , and Trimec Southern.  It may require multiple applications to obtain excellent control with these post-emergent products.  CAUTION:  Make sure you read the labels carefully for the tolerance level of your specific turfgrass for all herbicides.

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