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House Flies

Best Management Practices:

House Flies

House Flies create a sanitation and health issue that can not be minimized. While Flies prefer manure, discarded and rotting fruits, vegetables, garbage, decaying materials and other wet organic sites, they can breed indoors in a dirty trash can.

House fly elimination is accomplished through good Integrated Pest Management (IPM) procedures. IPM begins with an inspection for these type areas both outside and inside. IPM procedures would include sealing and repairing doors, window, screens and all possible entry points against intrusion. Indoors, make sure that all trash cans are thoroughly cleaned before trash bags are used. All trash bags need to be secured before disposing in an outdoor container. IPM should also include an effort to secure doors, windows and screens and other openings into the building that may facilitate their movement into the house.  The elimination of their breeding sources is the only guaranteed way to eliminate them.

Space Sprays and pheromone traps are an effective part in controlling flies, but fly traps that use UV and pheromone glues will greatly decrease the number of flies without the use of pesticides. The Vector Plasma and the Vector Plasma One are excellent choices and are non-invasive. They use a pleasant and enhancing Ultra Violet light to attract the pest to a concealed non-odorous, pheromone impregnated glue board. 

Space sprays can be used to knock down existing house fly infestations, but this is only a temporary fix if breeding sites are not eliminated. Indoors, the aerosols CB-80 or P.I. may be used as a quality space spray. Another option is one of the Pyrethrin metered aerosol dispensers like Clean Air Purge I or Clean Air Purge III. These aerosols will give a quick kill and knockdown of any flying insect pest indoors. Placed strategically, an aerosol dispenser can give constant control of flies in an area up to 6,000 cubic feet. Purge I and Purge III dispense 3,000 metered sprays and will last for approximately thirty days.
Quality surface sprays may be used indoors and outdoors to assist with fly control. They should be applied around windows, doors, to ornamental plants, mulch beds, yards areas, dumpsters and other areas attractive to flies. Effective products for this type control are CY-Kick CS, Cyzmic CS, Demand CS,  Suspend SC, and Tempo Ultra SC.
Use Maxforce Granular Fly Bait inside dumpsters, and the area around such trash containers, if animals and children are not at risk by treating. Baits should be re-applied after every cleaning or rainfall. 

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