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King Ranch Bluestem

Best Management Practices:

King Ranch Bluestem

King Ranch Bluestem ( KR Bluestem ) is a perennial grassy weed that shoots up a seed head on a long stem within a couple of days after mowing.  The seed head formation is usually a purplish/maroon color that has several small branches that form the shape of a hand.  Another good characteristic is the fuzzy hair at the nodes on the foot long stem.

Unfortunately, pre-emergent herbicides alone will not control this perennial weed.  Remember, this plant comes back from its roots each year, so it will take both pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides to take out King Ranch Bluestem from your lawn.  Pre-emergent herbicides kill germinating seeds while post-emergent herbicides only control weeds that are already actively growing.  So make sure that you select your herbicide carefully.

Unfortunately there are no post-emergent herbicides that are labeled for controlling this weed in St. Augustinegrass.  The only solution is to do one or a combination of the following:  dig out the King Ranch Bluestem by hand; use pre-emergent herbicides like XL-2GBalan 2.5 GCrabgrass Control or Pendulum 2G.

K R Bluestem can be extremely invasive in Pastures and Costal Bermuda Fields.   K R Bluestem begins to emerge from the root structure when the soil temperatures reach 60 degrees and the seeds will germinate at 70 degrees.  Pastora Herbicide, by Bayer, has been shown to be effective in the control of K R Bluestem when used in accordance with the Product Label during mid summer, i.e. in July and again in September. Applications should be made after Cutting, baleing and the removal of hay.  The K R Bluestem will be the first growth to appear after hay has been cut.  Application rate is one ounce per acre plus surfactant.  Control is most effetive when applied both in July and again in September.  The maximum application of 2 1/2 ounces per season is recomended.    

All Pesticides must be used in accordance with the Manufaturers Product Label.

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