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Pantry Pests

Best Management Practices:

Pantry Pests


Pantry pests cause great losses in value every year to stored food products. Most stored food pests propagate best under warm and mild conditions.  In areas of mild and tropical weather, they will be active year around.  The ideal temperature for pantry pest to inhabit and thrive in the pantry is 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  Pantry pests are susceptible to temperatures above 95 degrees or below 60 degrees.  

Some of the common pantry pests are cigarette beetles, drugstore beetles, flour beetles, flour moths, grain beetles and grain moths, granary weevils, larger beetles, saw-toothed grain beetles, rice weevils, spider beetles, moths, and mites. Although there are many different kinds of insects that attack stored food, the damage they produce and the control procedures are similar. 

Two products that have been gained recognition are the micro-encapsulated concentrates Demand CS and Cy-Kick CS which are both popular general use pesticide concentrate.  Other concentrates that provide effective control are Cyzmic CSExciteR and Suspend SC.  Any of these listed concentrates may be dispensed with a Spray Doc 1.

Aerosol forms are a convenient, affordable and effective control when they contain products labeled for control of listed pantry pests.  Popular contact kill aerosols are, 565 Plus XLO,  P.I., and CB-80. Aerosols that provide residual control are CB D-Force, CY-Kick, and  Orthene.   

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