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Best Management Practices:


Rescuegrass is a cool season, annual grassy weed that normally has dense hair on the leaves and a flattened spikelet in the seedhead, which is made up of several branches.  Rescuegrass only comes back from seed each year, usually germinating in the fall season. 

Rescuegrass can be controlled with a quality Pre-emergent herbicide program. Normally, an application of a pre-emergent in late September is appropriate for winter annual weeds.  Remember, though, that this weed may germinate into the winter—so, a second pre-emergent application in November may be warranted.  pre-emergent herbicides do a fair job with this weed.  Examples of quality pre-emergent herbicides to be used are: XL- 2G (Benefin + Oryzalin), Pendulum 2G or Anderson 11-3-11, and Balan 2.5 G.  Revolver and Certainty Turf Herbicide are post emergent herbicides that will work effectively to control rescuegrass that has escaped a pre-emergent application.  These herbicides should be applied when the rescuegrass is very young/immature and actively growing. 

These products work well if used in the correct manner.  READ THE LABEL very carefully prior to application.   

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