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I Have Termites

How do I kill Termites in San Angelo, Texas? It is important to identify the species of termites that need to be controlled. Are they subterranean termites, dry wood termites or agricultural termites? Termites can be controlled by using professional grade products available at BES-TEX Supply.

Aerosols are safe, convenient, effective, easy to store and may be used for spot treatments of dry wood termites. Some of the professional aerosols at BES-TEX Supply used to control dry wood termites are Alpine Foam, Premise Foam or Termidor Foam.

An effective powder that can be used as a dust or wettable solution is Tim-bor Professional. When using this product as a dust, a JT Eaton Duster is ideal for application into those sensitive spots to treat dry wood termites.

Agricultural termites are also known as “desert termites” and are more a visible distraction than a problem. We see their mud tunnels and tubes above ground and have the fear that they are headed for the house. Agriculture Termites only eat the thatch, dead grass and dead weeds in or around your yard. However, if they are a concern, they can easily be controlled by spraying the area with any of the concentrates listed below.

Subterranean termites are the termites that can create enormous damage and one you may consider calling a professional pest controller to inspect and treat. If you are inclined to treat these subterranean termites your self, the concentrates listed below are some of the many options carried at BES-TEX Supply.

Concentrates, when mixed according to the product label, are extremely effective and efficient in the control of all termite species. These products may be used as a pre-treatment for new slabs, ditch drench or spot treatment. Concentrates recommended to control subterranean termites are Bifen I/T, Dominion 2L, Cyper TC, Talstar P, Taurus SC and Termidor SC. These are some of the many concentrates provided by BES-TEX Supply. Adonis WSP is an excellent dry packet that when mixed with water makes an excellent termiticide.

Insecticides must be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s product label. In addition, detailed information may be obtained in our Best Management Practices (BMPs) section designed for termites.