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Best Management Practices:


Wasps may nest above ground or below ground.  In the spring Wasps feed on the insects newly hatched. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) procedures also call for trash containers to be kept closed and should be regularly emptied.  Discarded fruit and vegetables should be removed.

Wasp-Freeze is a great product to have in your arsenal as it kills wasps instantly from about 15 feet away.  This product was formulated to be a quick knock-down product and not for a complete residual control.  Treat large nests with pyrethrum aerosols such as, CB-80, 565 Plus XLO or CB-40.  In some cases, you may want to spray a larger area it is possible to use a Chapin Pro XP Sprayer with a concentrated pesticide like Cynoff EC, ExciteR, Up-Cyde Pro , Cyper TC or Prelude to spray the area.    

Tempo 1% Dust or Delta Dust are great for control as they will not only eliminate them, eliminate their hatch and will keep them from returning.  Delta Dust has an added attraction as it can be used in moist areas and not degrade with moisture.  “Puff” the dust down into the entrance hole.  The dust leaves a residue that will provide control for months.  Dusts may be applied using a professional duster like the JT Eaton 530 Duster or in some cases directly from the container.
As with all pest control products, follow labeled directions, safety procedures and wear proper safety equipment.

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