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Fleas and Ticks

I Have Fleas & Ticks

How do I kill Fleas and Ticks in San Angelo, Texas? Controlling ticks and fleas depends on their location. Are they in the house, yard or on your pets? Ticks and fleas can be controlled by using the professional grade products available at BES-TEX Supply.

Aerosols are safe, convenient, effective, easy to store and may be used indoors and outdoors. Some of the professional aerosols at BES-TEX Supply are Alpine Flea, Bedlam Plus, CY-Kick, 565 PLUS XLO, Precor 2000, Ultracide, PT Phantom II, Zenprox, plus many more. Be sure to read the product label carefully as some aerosols may be used to treat upholstery, carpets, pet bedding and rugs, while others are not.

Dusts are used to treat specific target locations like crawl spaces, under porches and foundations, or as a perimeter treatment. Effective dusts are Delta Dust (available in 1lb and 5lb), CYNOFF Dust, Diatomaceous Earth (available in 1lb, 5lb and 40lb) and Tempo Dust. These dusts, plus many more, are available at BES-TEX Supply.

Granular products like Talstar Xtra and Kill-A-Bug II, are excellent treatments in flower beds, yards and play ground areas. Granular insecticides control many insects in addition to fleas and ticks. Professional grade granular insecticides are easily applied with the proper Application Equipment which is also available at BES-TEX Supply.

Concentrates, when mixed according to the product label, are extremely effective and efficient. These sprays may be used to treat both large and small areas indoors as well as out of doors. Concentrates recommended to control fleas and ticks are Conquer, Cy-Kick, Demand CS, Demon Max, Exciter, FastCap, Onslaught, Phantom, Prelude, Permethrin 10%, Suspend SC, Bifen I/T, Cyper TC, and Talstar P are some of the concentrates provided by BES-TEX Supply. Adding an insect growth regulator (IGR) to any of these concentrates will increase their residual and effectiveness, and will reduce propagation of pest. IGRs available at BES-TEX Supply are Archer, NyGuard, PreCor and TEKKO PRO. Proper application of pesticides is paramount. Proper Application Equipment at BES-TEX Supply will assist you with a safe application.

Petcor Flea Spray, which contains an IGR, or Martin’s Flee are labeled to be sprayed on pets and pet bedding for the control of fleas and ticks. Permethrin 10% may be used as a yard spray or, mixed properly, to “drench” pets.

Insecticides must be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s product label. In addition, detailed information may be obtained in our Best Management Practices (BMPs) section designed for fleas and ticks.