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Flies and Mosquitoes

I Have Flies & Mosquitoes

How do I kill Flies and Mosquitoes San Angelo, Texas? Controlling these pests depends on their location.  Are they in the house, yard or on your pets? Flies and Mosquitoes can be controlled by using the professional grade products available at BES-TEX Supply.

Aerosols are ready-to-use, safe, convenient, effective, and easy to store. Popular aerosols at BES-TEX Supply used to control flies and mosquitoes are CB-80, P.I., Purge III, PT 565, plus many more aerosols.

Total Release Aerosols effective at controlling flies and mosquitoes are PT Pro-Control Plus and PT Pro-Control Formula II. Total Release Aerosols require that no one be present in the home and that pilot lights be extinguished.

Professional Fly Baits are effective and available at BES-TEX Supply PT Alpine Pressurized Fly Bait and Max Force Granular Fly Bait are popular with Professional Pest Controllers.

Areas of standing water (bird baths, water troughs, etc) can be effectively treated with Mosquito Dunks. This product contains BTI, which is a bacterium that is only toxic to mosquito larvae.

Concentrates will present an effective control of both flies and mosquitoes. These sprays may be used to treat both large and small areas indoors as well as out of doors. Concentrates recommended to control both flies and mosquitoes are Conquer, Cy-Kick, Demand CS (available in Pints and Quarts), Demon Max, Exciter, Onslaught FastCap, Onslaught MC, Prelude, Suspend SC, Suspend PolyZone and Talstar P. These are just some of the concentrates available at BES-TEX Supply. Concentrates must be mixed in accordance with the manufacturer’s product label.

Adding an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) to any of these concentrates will increase their residual and effectiveness and will also reduce propagation of pest. IGRs available at BES-TEX Supply are Archer, NyGuard, PreCor and TEKKO PRO.

Insecticides must be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s product label. In addition, detailed information may be obtained in our Best Management Practices (BMPs) section designed for flies and mosquitoes.