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Best Management Practices:


Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is techniques are extremely important in the control of mice.  IPM includes a good and thorough inspection for mice.  A thorough inspection should observe rodent activity by checking for droppings, burrows, runways, live and dead rodents and rodent odors. This observation should provide you with the best location to place your mice control products.  A building can be rodent proofed by eliminating all openings larger than 1/4 inch in size.

When using any toxic pest control measure we must keep in mind the safety and protection of non-targeted pets, humans, pets and wild life.  Contrac all Wather BloxFasTrac All-Weather Blox and the ready to use disposable T1 Mouse Bait Stations are extremely effective.  Baits may be placed in secure and tamper proof bait station like the Aegis Mouse Bait Station or the Protecta RTU Mouse Bait Station

The active ingredient in these mouse baits acts as an anti-coagulant.  Mice die from internal bleeding over a 48-hour period.  The possibility exists for an objectionable odor from dead rodents.  Effective deodorizer and odor neutralizers will minimize or eliminate these odors by the use of enzymes.  An extremely effective odor neutralizer is Rat Sorb and Odor Remover Bag

Traps are also a safe, effective and non poision mode of control. Some of the more effective ones are the glue board, snap and mechanical traps.  Excellent glue traps are the Catchmaster Mouse & Insect Glue Board, Trapper LTD Glue and Trapper Max. The Victor Snap Mouse Trap, Trapper T-Rex and Trapper Snap Trap and Snap E Mouse Kit are easy to use traps and very effective.  The Tin Cat Mouse Trap and the Trapper 24 / 7 are effective mechanical mouse control also. 

As with all pest control products, follow product label directions and safety procedures.

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